Redesigning Home Electrical Layout For Home Offices

12 January 2017
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If you're planning on moving your job's productivity to your own home, don't take any chances with quality. In addition to making a clean and organized work area, you'll need to make sure that the home has a robust electrical layout in good condition. If you don't know the home's wiring condition, don't assume; ask an electrician and consider a few of these electrical upgrades to go with an inspection.

Define "Bad Wiring"

Bad wiring isn't always obvious, and it isn't limited to old, rundown buildings--although those types of buildings absolutely should have an electrical inspection. Bad wiring could be caused by poor installation, or it could be from any number of hazards that happen over time. In general, any bad wiring is either bad in design by violating standard electrician design code or simply damaged.

Electrical storms, technical issues in the electrical system beyond the home, and pests are some of the major causes of wiring damage. Electrical storms and surges from the power plant can overload the wiring and either partially or completely burn through the wiring.

There is no "long enough" that can confirm or deny damage, so don't assume that a quick blackout or power surge couldn't cause the problem. A quick jolt could be powerful enough to burn away wires, or some debris in your home could have been ignited for just long enough to allow a slow burn.

These strikes can be quick, unnoticed, and may happen multiple times. This is why any homeowner should inspect their home at least every decade if not more often, and if you're buying an existing home, it needs to be checked before you move in. If you didn't do this, or aren't sure of the results, an electrician can perform an inspection to figure out what's going on.

As far as pests, nibbling is an indicator of other, bigger problems. If an electrician finds evidence of pests, it's time to contact pest control and general contractors to make sure that any easy entrances are plugged up with new, sturdy construction.

Electrical Upgrades And Additions

In addition to fixing existing issues, an electrician can make your home more office-friendly by adding outlets in places that can allow more office equipment and productivity.

One easy way to set up a home office is to pick a room or a corner and start dedicating it as the office. Anyone who works from home for a while will realize that they could get more work done if the rest of the home had the right connections, such as a high enough outlet for eye-level monitors or the ability to spread out your equipment.

It isn't about distractions; sometimes you need to chase down the kids or pets, and it's great if you can swap your temporary office to the living room or kitchen instead.

If you need idea for additions, or would like to know more about electrical inspections, contact an electrician like ALPHA OMEGA ELECTRIC.