Three Items to Get Checked Over by an Electrician Before the Winter Begins

24 January 2017
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Typically, you may call an electrician when something is going wrong. In order to stop problems in their tracks, it is a good idea to get a check-up of your electrical systems by a licensed electrician. The best time to get this done is just before the winter hits. Winter is typically the time when electricity usage is cranked up in most homes. From heating due to the cold to kitchen appliances for the holidays, it is common for electricity usage to be increased in the winter. here are three items in your home to get checked.  

Inspect electrical sockets

Some households use plug-in electric heaters to save money on heating or the home is older. It is important to know the health of your electrical sockets before you plug in any portable heaters. If the socket is not able to support the power needed to run the heater effectively, you may melt your electrical sockets. This could turn into a major health hazard. Ask the electrician to look over the sockets along with the portable heaters. This way, they can tell you the health of the sockets and machines so that you know how to properly utilize them without any hazards. 

Check all floor heating

One form of heating that would be next to impossible for you to repair on your own is the floor heating. If you have in-floor heating, ask your electrician to make sure that the heating is running appropriately before you attempt to use it. Be sure that the heating is turning on and that it is running at the appropriate temperature. You want to make sure that the heating in the floors does not get too hot, as this could cause physical discomfort for you and your family. Be sure that the floor and baseboard heating mechanism will last throughout the winter, or have them replaced. 

Make sure the power sockets are appropriate

Since most people have more electronics than space in power sockets, most households will have power strips to offer more space. Have an electrician approve or disapprove of your power strips before you use them for winter. Some strips work better than others, and some strips are not able to support certain electronics. Speak with an electrician like those at Feldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co about the strips that you need and what can be plugged in versus what should be avoided.