4 Signs Your Home Is Electrically Unsound

2 May 2018
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Electrical problems may not be uncommon, but when your whole house becomes electrically unsound, it can pose a serious threat to you and your family. An unfortunate reality is that not every house's electrical wiring is always done to code and sometimes, the electrical system can also deteriorate with time.

In case your house has serious electrical issues, it is important that these issues are uncovered and corrected as quickly as possible. There are a number of signs that can warn you if your house is electrically unsound.

1. Problems with the Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are supposed to protect the electrical system in your house and the house by extension. They are designed to shut off (trip) in case the circuit is overloaded. This keeps the wires from overheating.

However, your circuit breakers may start to trip more often as they start to age. If age is the reason behind your circuit breaker tripping, it will need to be replaced by an electrician. The circuit breaker must not be replaced with another that has a higher rating as this could lead to overheating of wires.

2. Electrical Shocks

If you touch an appliance and feel some tingling or a mild shock, this probably means that there is a problem with the earth wire of the appliance or your whole house. While these mild shocks may not pose an immediate danger, the fact that there's a problem with the earth wire means you could be exposed to deadlier shocks in the future.

3. Hot Ceiling Fixtures

If your ceiling fixtures are producing heat that is above what is recommended, it could be a sign that the bulb's wattage is being exceeded. This kind of heat can pose some risk if it builds up especially if you're using incandescent bulbs.

You can change to LED or fluorescent lighting since these produce less heat than incandescent bulbs.

4. Switches or Outlets That Don't Function

If you have switches or outlets that fail to work sometimes, it could be because the wiring inside is loose or because the switch or outlet is damaged internally. Loose wiring is prone to sparking and sparking can easily start a fire.

You should hire a professional to check the wiring if you suspect that it may be loose or that the outlet or switch is damaged. You should always leave electrical repairs to a professional electric contracting company like Williams Electric Supply since a mistake could put someone in danger or damage an appliance.