3 Residential Electrical Problems That Require Electrician Attention

27 May 2021
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Every residence is filled with electrical wiring systems that support home appliances.  Without properly functioning electrical systems, your life would be disrupted because most of the appliances you use daily would shut down.

The proper response to a residential electrical problem is to call an electrician to come and check it out. Here are some residential electrical problems your electrician can fix.

1. A Sparking Outlet

If one of your power outlets sparks when you plug in an appliance or device, you should immediately call your electrician to come and take a look. A plausible explanation for this is that your electrical system has short-circuited.

If you continue to use the outlet as it is, the heat generated by the short circuits will eat away the insulation around nearby electric wires. The exposed electrical wires would pose a potential fire hazard in your home, leaving you susceptible to electrical fire damage.

Calling your electrician allows them to fix the issue in the outlet. They'll also inspect all other outlets in your home to ascertain they're in good condition. Replacing all old outlets with new ones allows you to enjoy the benefits of electricity without putting your household at risk.

2. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be frustrating because they irritate your eyes, and if you don't get the issue fixed, your eyesight can get impaired. It's a problem that's commonly caused by electrical issues in the grid. However, you should call your technician to conduct a professional inspection for a more accurate diagnosis.

Addressing the source of the problem, whether it's a defective fixture or poor wiring connections, ensures that your lights don't flicker again in the future. A trained technician will look into all possible causes of the issue to rule out all potential problems.

3. Tripping Circuit Breaker

Your kitchen circuit breaker will sometimes trip if you have more than one appliance plugged to protect the circuit from overheating. While this is a safeguard, it can be frustrating if the electrical flow is shut off when you plug in appliances you use every day.

When your kitchen circuit breaker trips often, it is a sign that your home's circuits were not designed for the appliances you have. Your electrician will create individual circuits for all the heavy-duty home appliances that require a significant amount of power to run.

This adjustment will allow your fridge, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances to run simultaneously without tripping the circuit breaker.

Electricians have the proper training required to solve all your residential electrical issues. Call a residential electrician when you experience any of the electrical problems discussed above for effective and safe repairs.