Electrical Features In New Construction Homes

25 November 2014
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New homes are now better equipped for today's modern lifestyle. Whether you are buying a new home from a builder or you're opting to have your home custom built, these new technological advances have made life much more convenient. Here are a few interesting features to look for when you remodel or purchase a home:

Bathroom and Kitchen

Many homeowners are now opting to have warming features installed under their tile bathroom floors. This process involves adding heating mats installed under the tile when flooring is put in. These mats can be turned on with the flip of a switch, and can make taking a bath or shower much more pleasant. The heating mats are about 12 watts per square foot and fairly easy for an electrician to install. They are safe to use, and should only cost around $500 to less than $1,000 for an average sized bathroom.

As for the kitchen, a centralized vacuum system is an excellent feature. This vacuum will pick up dust, crumbs, and other debris in seconds and requires no work on your part. The system is attached to tubing or duct work behind the walls or under the floors, which deposits the debris into a central unit, usually under a crawl space or in the basement.

Simply turn a switch on or use your foot depending on how the system is installed, and dirt is sucked into vents along the floor. This feature is excellent for people with pets, children, or those who suffer from allergies and prefer to vacuum on a regular basis.

Other Living Spaces

New electrical outlet styles have added a lot of great features for the tech-savvy homeowner. Instead of a traditional two plug outlet, there are now options that have additional USB ports included so you can charge a cell phone or tablet without using up the power plugs in the wall. This is an excellent option for families who have a lot of devices that need to be charged. Many people also opt to have outlets installed along shelving in closets where they can plug in a phone or other item hidden from sight. 

Custom surround sound is another awesome option for new construction residences. Electricians can pre-wire the home for speakers anywhere you like. Once you set the sound system up, you can simply mount them to the wall and plug them in. It can really enhance your entertainment experience at home. Security systems are also a good feature to have in any home. You can include monitors where you'll be able to see who is coming to your door remotely, record activity outside of your home, and save video if needed.

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