Three Ways A Fire Alarm System Keeps Your Business Safer Than Just Smoke Detectors

12 January 2017
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While smoke detectors can provide lifesaving warnings of smoke in the area, they're only one aspect of a well-functioning and safe fire alarm system. In fact, if you have your electrician install a full fire alarm system, you can ensure that your business facilities will be as protected as possible from any fires that should occur. After electrical safety, this is probably one of the single most important things you can do to protect your business assets, customers, and employees from a fire. Here are three reasons having a full alarm system is better than simply using smoke detectors.

1. Automatically alerts firefighting personnel

If you hear a smoke detector go off, you then have to go and determine whether there's a genuine risk or whether someone was just smoking indoors. If you find a fire, you then call the firefighters. But all this takes time, especially if you're in a totally different area of the building. If, though, you have a fire alarm system that detects fire reliably and has the capability to alert emergency personnel in the event of a fire, you can save precious seconds and minutes, allowing the fire trucks to arrive in time to have a better chance of saving your facility and assets.

2. Directs personnel towards exits

A good fire alarm system can also include point or guide people towards the nearest exit, allowing them to have a concrete action to take even if they're panicking and don't remember the designated escape route. A fire can be a very mentally disturbing emergency, so guarding against panic like this is very important.

3. Increases insurance coverage

If your insurance company does have fire protection in their policies, you may be required to have a good fire alarm system in order to be eligible for them. Or even if you don't have a fire alarm you may be able to get a policy but it may not be such a good one or it may simply cost a lot more. In addition, you want to make sure that your business is covered in case of fire because fire damage can be very expensive to clean up and could put your business in a lot of debt otherwise, so choosing a cheaper plan that doesn't have fire coverage is a bad idea.

These three things show how a fire alarm system can benefit your business in many different ways in the event of a fire. Be sure to have your building assessed by a professional electrician like JF Electrical Contractors, Inc before having the system installed to ensure maximum efficacy.