Tips For Avoiding Electrical Problems When Installing New Commercial Equipment

13 January 2017
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When your business is going through the process of installing a new piece of equipment, it is important to take some steps to make sure that the electrical system is ready for this upgrade. Individuals that are considering making their first major upgrade to their business should consider using these tips to minimize the risk of potentially damaging and disruptive issues from arising following this upgrade.

Have The Wiring Tested

Before you connect the device to your building's electrical system, you will want to have your wiring and breakers tested. This is necessary to ensure that they can accommodate the electrical demands of your new equipment. If you fail to have these tests performed, you may find that your new device immediately suffers or causes damage when you activate it. Luckily, an experienced commercial electrician will be able to quickly perform these tests so that you can confidently plug in your new equipment without needing to worry about these risks.

Install Surge Protection Systems

Strong storms, routine electrical work and random fluctuations can result in electrical surges flowing through the wiring in your building. Sadly, your expensive new piece of equipment may be vulnerable to suffering ruinous damages from these surges. In order to prevent this from becoming a serious problem, you will need to invest in the installation of a comprehensive surge suppression system. While there are power strips that offer limited protection against surges, you may not want to trust your sensitive equipment to these devices. Particularly powerful surges may be able to overwhelm these power strips, and many of these strips may only be able to withstand one or two surges before needing to be replaced.

Determine If A Battery Backup Will Be Necessary

Many pieces of equipment can suffer serious damages or other complications if they are not properly shut down. Unfortunately, power outages can be an unavoidable aspect of life, but you do not have to let these outages create havoc for your enterprise's equipment. There are battery backups that you can utilize that will keep your equipment supplied with power long enough for you to initiate a shutdown. While these batteries can be highly effective at minimizing the disruptions caused by power outages, you will need to test them on a fairly regular basis to make sure that they are still able to adequately retain a charge. Over time, the batteries will start to lose this ability, which can result in a dramatic reduction in the amount of time that the battery can function. Luckily, these backups usually have a testing mode that can be activated, and this mode will inform if the battery is needing to be replaced. 

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