3 Attributes To Look For In A Generator Service For Your Nursing Home Facility

8 January 2018
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When you own and operate a nursing home, there are all kinds of different service people and companies you will have to rely on to keep the place function. From the technician who helps you out with faulty kitchen equipment to the professional who tends to the HVAC system, every one of these people is important. However, there is one service professional that stands just slightly above the rest because of their importance: the generator service technician.

In a medical setting where so many patients rely on electrical equipment to stay alive, it is critical that your generator is properly maintained. So here is a look at a few important attributes to look for in a generator service for your nursing home facility. 

The company offers emergency 24/7 support to customers. 

If the power goes out in the middle of the night and the generator at your nursing home fails, you need to know that you have a way to get someone to the facility immediately to handle the situation. Therefore, finding a generator service that offers around-the-clock service for emergency situations is extremely important. While many generator service companies claim to have extended hours, you really need a company that can offer full support no matter the time of day, the time of the week, or even if it is a holiday. 

The company offers premium level maintenance checks and support. 

Pretty much any generator service tech can and will do a basic check on the functional components of your generator to ensure it is working. However, what you really want is a maintenance provider who will deliver the utmost in checks and support to keep your generator running as reliably as possible. For example, a good provider of premium generator service will offer things like: 

  • Included oil and filter changes
  • All-point inspections
  • Electrical examinations
  • Exhaust health checks

The company works with your generator manufacturer for warranty work coverage. 

If the generator at your nursing home facility is still under warranty coverage, there can be limitations on who is allowed to work on the generator when something goes wrong so that the work will be covered. The most top-notch generator service companies work with the big names in the generator manufacturing industry. Therefore, if you need work done on your generator, you will not be left in a bind, trying to find a different service because your usual provider cannot do the work. 

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