Things An Electrician Might Check When Your Restaurant Keeps Tripping A Breaker

17 December 2020
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An electrical problem in your restaurant can turn into an emergency due to the disruption it causes to your flow of work and to your customers. If one of the circuits in your electrical panel starts tripping, it's time to find out why, as it might signify a serious problem that puts your building in danger of fire.

If a circuit trips repeatedly, leave it off and call an electrician. A commercial electrician understands how your business relies on electricity and will work to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Here's how the electrician might handle the problem and get your electricity operational again.

Check For An Overloaded Circuit

The electrician might ask about the history of the problem. If you've added a new kitchen appliance, there may be too much demand on the circuit that's causing it to overload. The electrician can check if the circuit has enough power to support the appliance, and if not, a new circuit might need to be added.

Determine If An Appliance Is The Problem

The problem may turn out to be with an appliance that has a short in it rather than wiring or the electrical panel. In that case, the electrician can isolate the problem. The electrician might be able to repair an electrical problem with an appliance, but you might need to call an appliance repair person if not.

Check For Bad Wiring

The electrician might also need to test for bad wiring. If the wiring is bad or shorting out, it needs to be replaced. This is an important electrical repair to have done promptly so your restaurant is not in danger of an electrical fire.

Test For A Bad Breaker

Breakers can sometimes go bad, and when they do, they can be replaced. An electrician can use a voltmeter to test the circuit breaker to tell if it has to be replaced. If so, the electrician will probably turn off the power to the electrical panel, which means you'll be without electricity for a short time. The old breaker is pulled out, disconnected from the wiring, and a new one is snapped in after being wired.

It's always dangerous to work around electricity, but this is especially true when working with restaurant equipment that has high power demands. When your electricity is malfunctioning, you may want to turn off a circuit breaker, or turn off the main breaker, and call a commercial electrician to check your system and make repairs as soon as possible.

Reach out to a commercial electrical repair service today for more information.