Should You Rewind Your Electric Motor?

7 January 2021
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Electric motors are an important part of everyday life in the U.S., with their use ranging from large-voltage mud pump motors and boats to the smallest of weed whackers. Eventually, the inner coils of the motor that allow the motor to spin can decay, become unwound or loose, or otherwise need repair in the form of rewinding. If your motor has an unusual resistance or insulation reading, you may need the coils stripped and replaced by an experienced electrician.

When You Need A Rewind

There are many signs of a motor in desperate need of rewinding, but many of the signs boil down to signs of corrosion or general decay. The wires that make up a motor's coils can easily decay with the rest of the motor if there are any gaps between the exterior and interior of the machine that allow water, air, oil, or dirt to enter. Additionally, using the motor over time causes vibrations and friction that damage the motor. You can also use electronic tools to measure the general and insulation resistance of the motor and compare it to the model standards. Inconsistent readings or those too low in ohms (respectively) are signs that your motor needs rewound.

How It's Done

Electric motor rewinds are fairly complicated, as the wires that surround the rotor must be carefully stripped, remade, and re-wrapped around the rotor. Before the wires are stripped, they are measured along with other parts of the motor's dimensions and qualities to ensure that the rewinding process is done properly. Then, the motor is heated in an oven before the wires are removed. This step requires precise controls over the temperature of the oven, as temperatures too low won't melt the wires enough for removal, while temperatures too high will damage the inner core of the motor. After stripping, new wires are made and carefully rewound around the rotor, and the motor is tested for proper wire replacement.

Either Way, Hire An Electrician Or Mechanic

The most important part of rewinding any electric motor is to hire a professional machinery shop or electrician to do the work for you, rather than attempting the process yourself. For example, stripping the wires without an industrial oven is dangerous, as wires stripped improperly can cause sparks and further damage later on. Wires properly stripped may not be properly replaced and so on. Additionally, you may not be able to know if your motor needs rewound or not until you meet with a mechanic. Make sure to talk to an electrician or mechanic.

Electric motors can decay over time, and this decay can affect the coils within. If you notice any signs of damaged or loose coils, visit a mechanic or electrician so they can strip and replace the wires as soon as possible. Reach out to a professional who provides electric motor rewind services near you.