Do Your Light Bulbs Burn Out Fast? Find Out 4 Top Causes

2 November 2021
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You cannot expect light bulbs to burn forever. However, newer bulb technology like LED can light up your indoors for more hours compared to the incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. There is a standard length of time that the bulb should serve you before burning out. If yours keep burning out too fast, you might have underlying electrical issues. Here are four main reasons why bulbs burn out faster than they should and how an electrician will help to resolve them. 

Your Circuit Has a High Voltage

High voltage is one of the leading causes of light bulbs bursting in the house. It happens when there is a power surge. If yours has a slightly higher than usual voltage, the bulbs will burn brighter and burn out faster than they should. You can ask a professional electrician to check your power load and determine whether it is too high to support a healthy bulb operation. You should avoid carrying out this test on your own because it needs you to leave the power on, which might lead to electrocution. 

You Are Using the Wrong Bulb Type

Compact fluorescent bulbs have widely replaced their incandescent counterparts. However, they are not as effective as actual LED bulbs. Most manufacturers claim that these bulbs can burn for more than ten thousand hours. However, most do not last long, especially in cases where you switch the bulb on and off too many times. It is advisable to consider switching to LED bulbs because they burn longer and do not contain harmful metallic compounds. 

Loose Connections

Another common reason behind a shorter bulb lifespan is when the connection between the bulb and the holder is unstable. Loose wires can lead to constant flickering when a disconnection occurs. If the bulb or the holder has worn out and corroded contacts, you can replace the worn part. 

Your Bulbs Are Larger Than the Fixture

The other common cause of lighting issues in the home is when the bulb wattage exceeds what the fixture can hold. You should always check the bulb wattage and compare it to the holder. If it exceeds the fixture rating, change it for a better option. An electrician can help choose the right bulbs for your lighting needs.

You can consult with services like Conway Electric to determine which component needs replacing. With their help, you will get a permanent solution for your lighting problems.