How Can Your Business Benefit From Fiber Optics

31 March 2022
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Having a proper internet connection for your business is essential to ensure adequate communication and ease of operations. While cable connections may work, many companies are turning towards fiber optics. Here's how your business can benefit from fiber optics services.

Faster Internet Speed

Fiber optics provide faster internet speeds since data travels as a light beam at higher speeds. In contrast, cable internet may be slower, especially when using a long or damaged cable. High internet speed allows your employees to work faster and meet deadlines. This prevents delays and improves employee productivity. Eventually, your profit margins may increase. Besides, you can scale up the internet speed to meet your demands as your business expands.

No Downtime 

You may experience internet downtime when many people are using cable internet. Your internet service provider may curb internet supply to prevent an outage if the network gets overloaded. This rationing of internet services at peak periods is called throttling. Fortunately, fiber optics services aren't prone to overload. Therefore, there's no need for throttling on fiber optics internet. Hence, you will hardly experience internet downtime, making fiber optics more convenient.

Higher Bandwidth

You may be using your internet for web conferencing, live streaming, or cloud applications. These activities usually use a lot of data. Therefore, if you're using cable internet, you may reach your bandwidth cap quickly, resulting in slow speeds or delays and poor video quality. Fiber optics services offer higher data bandwidth to sustain your transmission needs. Besides, higher bandwidth allows for multiple connections to different devices. In this regard, your employees can work seamlessly to meet company goals.

Equal Upload and Download Time

Your employees may need to upload content, send emails, or make calls when downloading files over the internet. Thus, if the upload and download times differ, your workers may be unable to perform their tasks simultaneously, potentially leading to delays. Fiber optics services provide symmetric upload and download time, accommodating high download and upload requirements.

Improved Security

Hackers can gain unauthorized access to your data, such as customer details and trade secrets, relatively quickly by tapping your cable system. In contrast, hackers can't access your fiber optic internet physically. This protects your business against cybercrime.

Fiber optics internet provides equal download and upload time, higher internet speed, and higher bandwidth. Also, the internet is more secure and has no downtime. These are the benefits your business may gain by getting fiber optics services.