4 Signs That Rewiring Residential Electrical Services Are Needed

24 March 2023
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Homeowners who have lived in their homes might assume that some annoyances are inconveniences. They might view issues as being serious and rarely get their homes inspected unless something needs to be repaired. Many homes have electrical issues that the owners dismiss as unimportant. Wiring is a commonly overlooked issue even if a home is exhibiting signs that serious residential electrical repair services are needed. The following points identify a few signs homeowners might notice if they need rewiring services.

Sounds From Outlets

Outlets should never have sounds emitting from them. Buzzing and humming sounds are indicative that there is a serious wiring issue within a home. These issues should be considered an emergency that requires immediate residential electrical services. The outlets affected should not be used due to the risk of electrocution or an electrical fire. 

Burnt Odors 

Homeowners should be alarmed if they frequently notice burnt odors near their outlets and switches. It could be indicative of minute sparks occurring behind the socket or outlet. If the wiring issue is not fixed, an electrical fire could occur. This issue may occur when the wires in a home are not properly grounded or when they are old and need to be replaced. 

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker or dim are usually a sign that there is an issue with a home's wiring. It can get damaged from rodents chewing through the wires. Outdated wiring may also cause this issue. Rewiring is a wise option to fix the issue if there are several wiring issues present such as damaged wires and outlets. A residential electrical contractor can inspect a home to determine the exact cause of flickering lights. Sometimes it is laughable that the issue is occurring due to flawed lightbulbs that need to be replaced. 

Frequent Breaker Trips

This phenomenon can be a nuisance. It often occurs when a home experiences an electrical overload. Homeowners should pay attention to the frequency of these occurrences. Electrical fires have occurred due to this wiring issue. It can also be a signal that a home has a breaker box that cannot handle its electrical needs. Eventually, homeowners might experience damaged equipment or appliances. 

A residential electrical contractor is a good resource to use to understand the importance of paying attention to rewiring signs. They can inspect homes and determine if certain issues are repair issues that mimic signs of a home needing whole-house rewiring.

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