Smart Reasons To Add Under Cabinet Lighting To Your Home's Kitchen

14 April 2021
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In many households, the kitchen is where family members gather to eat and prepare meals, relax with refreshments, complete homework assignments, or work on hobbies or home-based businesses. This type of constant usage for a wide variety of needs can make the kitchen an excellent target for home improvement projects that can help improve the use-value and enjoyment of the space. 

One kitchen home improvement project that homeowners should consider is to add additional lighting under their existing cabinetry. If you have not yet decided whether under cabinet or recessed lighting would benefit your home and family, here are some very convincing reasons for you to consider. 

Increase use-value of counter space

Most homeowners tend to utilize specific areas of their kitchen counters much more than others. In many cases, the unconscious avoidance of certain areas of the counter is due to a lack of quality lighting that makes reading recipes, chopping vegetables, or other common kitchen tasks more difficult.

When homeowners choose to add under cabinet lighting throughout the kitchen, every square inch of counter space is well-lit and the entire kitchen becomes easier to utilize.  

Increase safety for family members dealing with impaired vision

Adding under cabinet lighting can also help to make kitchen spaces safer for use by family members who have diminished vision. This type of bright lighting dispels shadows and helps those with impaired vision feel more comfortable when using cutlery, small appliances, and other cooking equipment. 

Under cabinet lighting options are also a good idea when homeowners are nearing retirement age and may be dealing with macular degeneration or other age-related vision problems. 

Increase the interest of prospective buyers

Homeowners who are planning to sell their homes should also consider the addition of under counter lighting. This type of improvement can help small kitchens look larger by eliminating shadowy areas. Under cabinet task lighting can also help brighten kitchens where natural light from windows is insufficient or unavailable. 

Increase efficiency 

Under cabinet lighting can also offer homeowners significant savings on home energy bills. In fact, homeowners who choose to install LED lights under their cabinetry can experience often enjoy a more well-lit kitchen and may have lower monthly electric bills. 

Under cabinet lighting is available in many styles including pucks, recessed task lighting, LED strips, ropes and tapes, and fluorescent strips to fit any budget or lighting need. While options are available that use batteries or external transformers plugged into existing electrical outlets, homeowners who opt to have a reputable electrician perform the work can enjoy a safer, more professional-looking result. For more information, check out this site,, or similar websites.